The past couple of weeks have been full of many firsts for me.  I wore a dress to school for the first time (thank you, job).  I bought grass fed ground beef for the first time (I made it into meatloaf).  I put on my big girl pants and took responsibility for my car’s maintenance […]

My Food Principles class has turned me into such a nerd. I’m pretty sure I’ve made this statement before, but tonight really sealed the deal. Woohoo, story time! Okay, so Kayla was making cookies and mentioned that she didn’t use one recipe because it called for cream of tartar. After making a beeline for the […]

Well, I thought I was going to switch over to WordPress, but now I’m not sure – I don’t really like the themes and I can’t figure out how to show updates from the multitude of blogs I’m following…so for now, I’m sticking with Blogger. Just FYI. Aaaanyways, I have a crap ton of stuff […]

First off, does anyone listen to Stars? I LOVE this band – the girl singer is also in A Broken Social Scene and Metric (both of those bands are great as well). Anyways, they released a new CD yesterday – in typical Stars fashion it’s 1. Awesome 2. All of the songs have a common […]

Eggs and I are bff. We hang out three or four days a week, mostly catching up over a tasty meal. At first, we only liked seeing each other over breakfast, but after seeing the true beauty of eggs (fried, scrambled, omelet-style, breakfast burrito, etc), we began having lunch and dinner dates as well. I […]

“Ah ha” Moment

How do you even spell “aha”? Is it ah ha, a-ha, or aha? I don’t think any of them look right. Anyway, I experienced a divine intervention on Christmas as I perused through my new cookbook by The Pioneer Woman, in the form of a glorious egg breakfast called “Egg in a Basket.” Apparently, this […]