On Friday night, my little sister graduated from high school. I feel so old….imagine how my mom must feel! I kid! I saw at least half of the people I graduated with three years ago (THREE YEARS?!), as well as some teachers I had seven or eight years ago! So weird. Anyways, with graduation comes […]

Howdy! Sorry for being MIA….I had 2 tests and 2 lab reports last week, so I basically went stress crazy. Good times, right? No. At least the week is over, though, and the end of the semester is near! Unfortunately I have to get through 4 finals first, but whatever. Although the majority of last […]

I officially survived my first Panama City Beach trip! It was fun, but I’m super exhausted – I definitely live the lifestyle of an old woman compared to my friends, as in regularly going to bed before 12 and waking up before 8. On the trip, however, my internal body clock woke me up at […]

Sooo this post is going to be pretty light on food – I didn’t really eat/create anything interesting since my last post. Sad, right? Although, I DID have Panda Express, which, in my opinion, is QUALITY fast food. I LIVE for their low mien and am a huge fan of the mushroom chicken. Any other […]

Confession: I get THE biggest ego boost from watching my coworkers gobble up my baked goods. I love how I can bake ANYTHING I want and know that people at work will eat it – it’s the simple pleasures in life, people. And the best part is, they think I’m just being extremely generous or […]

The most heavenly combination in my book is peanut butter and jelly. Not chocolate and peanut butter, not french fries and ketchup, not pork and BBQ. Don’t get me wrong, these are all nice and delicious, but peanut butter and jelly makes my heart sing. Seriously. It’s weird because I didn’t like PB&J sandwiches as […]

Okay, before I return to regular My Fancy Tuna programming, here are some closing thoughts to sum up my vacation… 1. Ducks like Disney World. There were ducks EVERYWHERE. And cranes.2. Disney employees are extremely happy people…happier than Chikfila people, even.3. Florida water tastes kind of smokey, but makes your hair softer. 4. Digestives = […]

Good news: I finally tried butternut squash and pumpkin ravioli. Bad news: It was cooked in the microwave in a plastic black bowl – yep, it was a frozen dinner…Healthy Choice Naturals to be exact. For the past year I’ve been somewhat of a frozen dinner snob – I’m a fan of frozen veggies and […]

I finished Water for Elephants within 24 hours. SO GOOD! I can’t believe I waited that long to read it! I thought the end was kind of rushed (not the thing Rosie did, but the ending for Marlena and Jacob), but other than that, SOOO AWESOME! Go read it. I also finished Message in a […]

Well, I gave up on the Mormon book. The writing was just too…bleh. I hate that I am snobbish like that – it’s not like I could write the book better than the author! Anyways, I started reading Water for Elephants yesterday and I’m already over halfway through it! It’s SO good! Apparently they’re filming […]