After my weekly dinner with the other library kids was canceled, I was pretty sure I would have nothing interesting to talk about until Alexi moved in on Tuesday. Fortunately, the food gods smiled upon me today and blessed me with 3 very over ripe bananas, a medium sized cup of pumpkin spice frozen yogurt, […]

Are there some foods that you really just don’t understand? Food that just tastes blah and you don’t know why it exists at all? For me (since I know you all are SO curious), this would be canned/frozen corn kernels, Kraft Easy Mac, Kid Cuisines, Kix cereal, white bread, Velveeta Cheese, cheapo frozen pizzas, and […]

Today, I woke up to thunder. It was awesome. I love summer thunderstorms. They are so relaxing for some reason, and there’s nothing better than curling up with a good book and listening to the thunder. It’s actually starting to storm again as I type…oh, happy times. Anyways, yesterday I made couscous. I love couscous, […]

I am finally starting to fall into “summer mode,” which means I’m starting to lose the constant, nagging urge to study. It’s a sad, sad thing to be a psycho-studier. I’ve read a few books since school let out…it’s pretty glorious, I’m not going to lie. I finished Revolutionary Road over the weekend, which was […]