brussels sprouts, bacon, and blue cheese pizza with caesar dressing

like much of the food blogging world, i am obsessed with brussels sprouts, and frequently subject myself and people who eat lunch in my vicinity to their characteristic odor. ┬áin fact, Betsy and Anna (my lab mates), often teased me for bringing smelly lunches; broccoli and hardboiled eggs were also common components of my lunches. […]

Let’s get real here. Pizza is glorious. It’s perfect for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner. Pizza = endless possibilities. I could probably eat different kinds of pizza for the rest of my life and be content. Well, not really, but you get what I mean. Do you know what else is divine and almost as versatile […]

Happy Mother’s Day! Hope everyone had a pleasant one – we went to church with my grandma then went to Red Lobster. It was kind of…meh. I’m not a big fan of Red Lobster, Olive Garden, etc. Me and my mom both agreed that we would choose Captain D’s over Red Lobster any day (you […]

You know what food I could seriously eat for eternity and never get sick of (hypothetically, anyways) eating? Pizza. Sure, it’s not my FAVORITE food, but it’s definitely up there. I think I would get sick of Jambalaya or oatmeal before I would get sick of pizza. Anyways, we’re big fans of making pizza for […]