Confession: I love reading my Blogger stats. It’s everything I wish I could do with Facebook (and Myspace back in the day). Well, I guess it would be cool to see EXACTLY who looked at my blog, but for right now the search keywords that lead people to my blog is good enough. The most […]

After a fabulous two day school week (thanks, weird GA blizzard!), I am once again back in the comfort of my own home. The two day week was pretty nice, partially due to the delayed starting times (11 on Thursday, 10 on Friday). I haven’t been to Chemistry yet (it’s at 9:30 on Tues/Thur – […]

Today Lara had plans to invite some friends over for her birthday (which was January 1st – kinda cool, right?), so I decided to teach myself some Chemistry basics from Chemistry Essentials for Dummies and a Cliffnotes Chemistry workbook. It’s been a blast! I forgot how much I love Chemistry! Not. I suffered from a […]

Woah. Where have I been these past TWO weeks?! I think this is the longest I’ve gone without posting in the (almost) year (!!!) I’ve been blogging! Mostly I’ve been studying/writing my butt off for finals. While it was nice to relax and do nothing but eat over Thanksgiving for a change, it kind of […]

I feel I should let everyone know that my posts are going to be kind of…sporadic for the next month. November = exam time crunch in college world, and while my two exams aren’t going to be bad (hellooo lifespan nutrition and food principles), I have two massive English projects due over the next month. […]

It feels like an eternity since I’ve updated! Not too much has gone on ’round these parts. I successfully completed my first cooking food lab. Even though I only pressure cooked and microwaved carrots, I still had TONS of fun! My lab instructor even told me that I hold the knife and chop correctly! I […]

Pho (pronounced like fo, like “fo’ sho!”) finally happened. After almost two months of saying, “Oh yeah, let’s get pho this weekend!” only to have someone suddenly go to PCB (whoops) or not have enough money or, well, whatever, WE FINALLY ATE PHO! We didn’t go to Kathy’s hometown like we originally planned because Chris […]