Epic Meal Time: Four Loko Chili – LOL! (Do not watch if you find meat consumption disgusting) I love this series of YouTube videos – the main guy is absolutely hilarious! I do not condone the consumption of the alcoholic chemical called Four Loko, but that video is pretty funny. All of their videos are, […]

I feel I should let everyone know that my posts are going to be kind of…sporadic for the next month. November = exam time crunch in college world, and while my two exams aren’t going to be bad (hellooo lifespan nutrition and food principles), I have two massive English projects due over the next month. […]

This month has been a month of freebies! Last week I came home from food lab to two HUGE packages, both containing food and all for me!! But I did share. That’s the kind of person I am. Anyways, one package contained a Food Buzz sample of two loaves of Nature’s Pride OvenClassics bread – […]

It’s finally time. Time for a BIG, FAT Pure Bar review! First off, the people at Pure Bar were REALLY prompt about getting back to me about samples AND mailing them to me – I think it all happened over the course of two weeks! It was a pleasant surprise. Second, Pure Bars have GREAT […]

This week was scary. And it wasn’t even a full week. I spent three out of the four school days on campus from at least 8:30 – 5:00. School is a full time job. Well, school and shifting heavy books. The British have HEAVY books. Chris and I have been shifting stupid Parliamentary Records for […]

Well, I thought I was going to switch over to WordPress, but now I’m not sure – I don’t really like the themes and I can’t figure out how to show updates from the multitude of blogs I’m following…so for now, I’m sticking with Blogger. Just FYI. Aaaanyways, I have a crap ton of stuff […]

It feels like an eternity since I’ve updated! Not too much has gone on ’round these parts. I successfully completed my first cooking food lab. Even though I only pressure cooked and microwaved carrots, I still had TONS of fun! My lab instructor even told me that I hold the knife and chop correctly! I […]

Pho (pronounced like fo, like “fo’ sho!”) finally happened. After almost two months of saying, “Oh yeah, let’s get pho this weekend!” only to have someone suddenly go to PCB (whoops) or not have enough money or, well, whatever, WE FINALLY ATE PHO! We didn’t go to Kathy’s hometown like we originally planned because Chris […]