I SURVIVED! Yes indeedy, I made it through this monster of a semester! It’s not quite over as I have yet to see my grades for half of my classes, but that’s beside the point…summer is here! Yeah, yeah, I have to take two classes in June and July, but hopefully they’ll be significantly less […]

Howdy! Sorry for being MIA….I had 2 tests and 2 lab reports last week, so I basically went stress crazy. Good times, right? No. At least the week is over, though, and the end of the semester is near! Unfortunately I have to get through 4 finals first, but whatever. Although the majority of last […]

How is it already April?! Geeze, it seems like the older you get, the faster time flies…and I’m only 20!!! AHH! Anyways, at least summer is almost here, even though I have to take two classes this summer (Chem 2 and Biology – ew). I signed up for my classes this week – next semester […]

Psssst. It’s spring break! That means no school, which means that I have ample time to do all of my spring break homework (there is no rest for the weary when it comes to Chemistry) AND write a few blog posts! I also seem to be the only person from UGA not going somewhere cool […]

Hello, all! Let me give you a recap of my life since the last time I posted… 1. Chemistry2. Math3. Using a tilt skillet and an industrial convection oven to make enough Tortilla Egg Casserole for 25+ people4. My first lab in the dining hall – props to food service workers, seriously. I made 4 […]

Confession: I love reading my Blogger stats. It’s everything I wish I could do with Facebook (and Myspace back in the day). Well, I guess it would be cool to see EXACTLY who looked at my blog, but for right now the search keywords that lead people to my blog is good enough. The most […]

Epic Meal Time: Four Loko Chili – LOL! (Do not watch if you find meat consumption disgusting) I love this series of YouTube videos – the main guy is absolutely hilarious! I do not condone the consumption of the alcoholic chemical called Four Loko, but that video is pretty funny. All of their videos are, […]

After a fabulous two day school week (thanks, weird GA blizzard!), I am once again back in the comfort of my own home. The two day week was pretty nice, partially due to the delayed starting times (11 on Thursday, 10 on Friday). I haven’t been to Chemistry yet (it’s at 9:30 on Tues/Thur – […]

I know, I’ve been slacking in the posting department. So much for updating more often in 2011… And I haven’t even started school yet. Tomorrow I will be celebrating my third snow day of 2011. In case you didn’t know, the SE US was annihilated by intense snow and ice. Well, to me it’s intense […]

Today Lara had plans to invite some friends over for her birthday (which was January 1st – kinda cool, right?), so I decided to teach myself some Chemistry basics from Chemistry Essentials for Dummies and a Cliffnotes Chemistry workbook. It’s been a blast! I forgot how much I love Chemistry! Not. I suffered from a […]