It’s always a bummer when you set out to make a dinner you’re really excited about, but then it turns out less than perfect. This happens to me when I’m in a hurry or feeling lazy, the former of which was the case last night. I decided at 6:00 to make shrimp tacos and crispy […]

Are there some foods that you really just don’t understand? Food that just tastes blah and you don’t know why it exists at all? For me (since I know you all are SO curious), this would be canned/frozen corn kernels, Kraft Easy Mac, Kid Cuisines, Kix cereal, white bread, Velveeta Cheese, cheapo frozen pizzas, and […]

Okay, before I return to regular My Fancy Tuna programming, here are some closing thoughts to sum up my vacation… 1. Ducks like Disney World. There were ducks EVERYWHERE. And cranes.2. Disney employees are extremely happy people…happier than Chikfila people, even.3. Florida water tastes kind of smokey, but makes your hair softer. 4. Digestives = […]

APPLES APPLES APPLES!! I feel like an apple nerd. All I do is post about apples. And today I have two apples to discuss. Actually three. 1. Macintosh appleOkay, on a side note, I just realized/connected that Apple’s Mac computers = Macintosh Apple. STUUUUUPID!Uh, anyways, I had one on Tuesday. I could have sworn I […]

Salmon with chickpea ragu is a dish I would not have appreciated at all two years ago. For one thing, it has chickpeas. Two, it has onion chunks. And three, it has chickpeas. Surprisingly, however, I would have gobbled up the salmon just as I would today. Thankfully, I enjoy all of these vegetables today. […]

I guess you could kind of call this my first “improv” dinner, as in I kind of made it up as I went along. I was “inspired” by this shrimp orzo dish in the Ellie Krieger cookbook, but it seemed kind of…boring. Plus Shelley and I don’t really like grape tomatoes. It’s sad, at least […]