Just call me Bobby (Bobina?) Flay because I am now a GRILL MASTER! Well, not really, but I did the majority of Monday’s dinner on the grill pretty much on my own (my dad had to make sure I didn’t blow myself up…)! I decided on a BBQ theme, but I picked recipes that were […]

The world does not want me to study tonight. Current distraction = oboe girl playing oboe above me. It sounds like she’s playing Kenny G. But I digress….this is a food blog, one that I said I would update yesterday. Except I was exhausted. Whoops. I started my new job at my school’s library, specifically […]

My “Hell Week” as college kids affectionately call it, is over as of today, and I feel so FREE! The beautiful weather was a real plus as well – I finally got a chance to enjoy my first Pink Lady apple! I can’t say that they’re my favorite (still digging the Fuji), but I thought […]

Sorry for the lack of updates….it’s the beginning of the month, which means studying for three tests. Thank goodness I only have to do another two weeks of psycho studying and then SUMMER!! First, apples. This is actually kind of a boring “experiment.” I’m kind of having a hard time differentiating between the different apples, […]

I love ratatouille. Both the movie… and the dish. After seeing the movie, I was kind of let down – I mean, ratatouille is basically baked eggplant, squash, zucchini and tomatoes. I was expecting something complex and really fancy! It’s probably better that it’s so simple though, or else I probably wouldn’t have tried to […]

Salmon with chickpea ragu is a dish I would not have appreciated at all two years ago. For one thing, it has chickpeas. Two, it has onion chunks. And three, it has chickpeas. Surprisingly, however, I would have gobbled up the salmon just as I would today. Thankfully, I enjoy all of these vegetables today. […]

I’ve never really understood why some people hate vegetables; even as a kid, I was a pretty good vegetable eater (I hated onions, though. So sad.). Now that I eat anything that’s put in front of me, vegetables are a constant source of new food discoveries, whether it’s through a new vegetable combination or just […]

First, let us compare the large difference between pictures by a fancy camera versus my crappy digital camera. It will be a fun learning experience. My camera Kerry’s camera My camera Kerry’s camera Wasn’t that enlightening!? Now none of my posts will ever look quite as pretty to me. Anyways, props to Kerry for taking […]

Guest Cooking

I’ve been putting off making the Brie/Chocolate Panini, so I’ll talk about some tasty dinners my two roommates have made in the past week. Shelley tried out two side dishes from both of the new cookbooks I received for Christmas – The Pioneer Woman Cooks and So Easy. From TPWC, Shelley made “Katie’s Roasted Corn […]