Baked Okra.

baking vegetables is the easiest way to convert vegetable haters into vegetable lovers. i’m sure many of you have tried baked cauliflower, potatoes, kale, okra, etc., but humor me and listen to me beat a dead horse.  baking vegetables makes any vegetable taste divine, especially okra, which i eat like french fries (ie, with loads […]

panzella with tomatoes, feta, and sardines source: the kitchn ( serves 6 – 8 (easily modified to serve 1) today i used my last tomato in another mediterranean-inspired bread salad.  i suppose this could be considered too similar to the panzella i made on monday, but i found this salad to be more simple which […]

The Week of Tomatoes, Part 2.

panzella source: the kitchn ( serves 8 – 10 (easily modified to serve 1) panzella, or bread salad, screams summer.  the day-old bread makes this salad not only rustic, but also more filling than your basic lettuce salad.  traditionally it is just made with bread, tomatoes, onion, and a simple vinaigrette, but the recipe i […]

The Week of Tomatoes, Part 1.

this weekend, i picked up six tomatoes from a produce stand.  i had the first one in a simple tomato sandwich.  just slicing the tomato and seeing the vibrant red color inside instantly reminded me why tomatoes from grocery stores are so subpar to fresh-from-the-garden tomatoes.  grocery store tomatoes are often picked before they’re ripe, […]

New York.

some of my new york eats. 1. margherita pizza from pronto’s 2. lamb kofta burger and fries from 5 napkin burger 3. maple bacon cookie 4. lobster roll (my first! a dream came true that day) from the lobster place in chelsea market 5. peanut butter and jelly chocolate from chelsea market 6. chocolate fudge […]

Today, instead of talking food, I’m going to talk about life.  Nothing deep or anything, but I think the last time I blogged about school and whatnot I was about to take Organic Chemistry, which was SO last fall. Biochemistry is the new Organic Chemistry. Except at times I actually find Biochemistry interesting and directly […]

I was a freshman at UGA during the last Summer Olympics.  I remember feeling excited, nervous, and free.  I was living on my own, albeit with 4 floors of other 18-19 year old freshmen.  I had the world at my feet.  And I thought Ryan Lochte was the hunkiest dude on the face of the […]

Not moving…yet.

Well, I’m sticking with Blogger for a bit longer.  There are some nit-picky things that I haven’t found on WordPress that I LOVE on blogger, like the ability to scroll through all of the updated posts of the blogs I follow.  Also, it’s hard to customize the themes…I like the one I have, but I […]