First, I’m on a mission to win me some BARNEY BUTTER!!! A Teenage Gourmet is hosting a Barney Butter giveaway, and one of the ways to win is to mention her site on a blog post, so viola! Blog shout out, check! I hope I win. I REALLY want to win. I am a food […]

Well howdy, ya’ll! Man, three posts in a week…weird, right? I guess I’ve been pretty productive on the food front this week, so I have more to talk about than usual. First, however, I need to get something off my chest…a rant, if you will. I CANNOT STAND Ashley Greene. Kayla has heard this rant […]

The world does not want me to study tonight. Current distraction = oboe girl playing oboe above me. It sounds like she’s playing Kenny G. But I digress….this is a food blog, one that I said I would update yesterday. Except I was exhausted. Whoops. I started my new job at my school’s library, specifically […]

My “Hell Week” as college kids affectionately call it, is over as of today, and I feel so FREE! The beautiful weather was a real plus as well – I finally got a chance to enjoy my first Pink Lady apple! I can’t say that they’re my favorite (still digging the Fuji), but I thought […]

I love ratatouille. Both the movie… and the dish. After seeing the movie, I was kind of let down – I mean, ratatouille is basically baked eggplant, squash, zucchini and tomatoes. I was expecting something complex and really fancy! It’s probably better that it’s so simple though, or else I probably wouldn’t have tried to […]

First, let us compare the large difference between pictures by a fancy camera versus my crappy digital camera. It will be a fun learning experience. My camera Kerry’s camera My camera Kerry’s camera Wasn’t that enlightening!? Now none of my posts will ever look quite as pretty to me. Anyways, props to Kerry for taking […]

Where’s the Beef?!

This recipe comes from the Big Girls, Small Kitchen blog. Their blog is partially what inspired me to do this, so of course I’m going to say that their blog is awesome….but it really is! It’s so amazing to me that girls around my age are creating recipes and even making a living off of […]