Since I’m home for Spring Break, all of the cooking duties have fallen on me this week. Normal people would probably be ticked about this, but I was more than happy to cook dinner all week. For one thing, I was home most of the week attempting to finish a large amount of English homework, […]

I was completely unaware of minestrone’s existence this time last year. I don’t remember the exact moment of discovery, but I do remember thinking how fancy “mine-strone” soup sounded. Yep, up until oh, I don’t know, December, I pronounced minestrone as mine (as in goldmine) strone (like strong, without the g). I have no sense […]

Guest Cooking

I’ve been putting off making the Brie/Chocolate Panini, so I’ll talk about some tasty dinners my two roommates have made in the past week. Shelley tried out two side dishes from both of the new cookbooks I received for Christmas – The Pioneer Woman Cooks and So Easy. From TPWC, Shelley made “Katie’s Roasted Corn […]