Even though the weather in Georgia is NOT fall-ish at all (yesterday was a beautiful, muggy day with overcast skies and 80 degree temperatures), I have still been enjoying the FOOD that comes with fall, like delicious canned pumpkin, butternut and acorn squash, pears, tailgate eats, etc. My favorite fall food (well, one of my […]

This month has been a month of freebies! Last week I came home from food lab to two HUGE packages, both containing food and all for me!! But I did share. That’s the kind of person I am. Anyways, one package contained a Food Buzz sample of two loaves of Nature’s Pride OvenClassics bread – […]

My Food Principles class has turned me into such a nerd. I’m pretty sure I’ve made this statement before, but tonight really sealed the deal. Woohoo, story time! Okay, so Kayla was making cookies and mentioned that she didn’t use one recipe because it called for cream of tartar. After making a beeline for the […]

Giveaway Winners!!

The two winners of my Fresh Express giveaway are Jen at Twenty-Something and Starving, and Brlracincwgrl at Bits & Pieces of Me!! Email me at goodygumdrops427@gmail.com with your addresses and I’ll have your coupons mailed out soon!!!

Food Buzz Fresh Express Recipe!

Here’s a quick morning post for ya! A quick salad recipe that doubles as an entry for the Foodbuzz Fresh Express contest! Last night I used my handy dandy bag of Fresh Express Mixed Spring Greens to create a quick and delicious side salad for my leftover steak and twice baked potato (and blueberry bagel….). […]


Three big things for this post. 1. I had my first, truly excellent steak dinner, which included my first experience with twice baked potatoes…but more on that later. 2. I am OFFICIALLY double majoring in Dietetics and Consumer Foods. I’ll be in college an extra year and I’ll also be slogging through three semesters of […]

It’s finally time. Time for a BIG, FAT Pure Bar review! First off, the people at Pure Bar were REALLY prompt about getting back to me about samples AND mailing them to me – I think it all happened over the course of two weeks! It was a pleasant surprise. Second, Pure Bars have GREAT […]